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Creative Courage Chat #62 with Kim Garrison Means

Kim is a teacher and conceptual artist. I believe that she and I are very Ike minded in our Creative values. We have a great chat about all the great work she is putting into the world and the importance of creative exploration in education and life. She is co-founder of United Catalysts with Steve…

Creative Courage Chat #061 with Greg Preston

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Had a great chat with photographer Greg Preston. We chat about his career and experience with other creatives—exciting and valuable advice for any creative. Learn more about him at his website. https://sampselprestonphotography.com

Creative Courage Chat #060 with Nancy Nelson

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Had a great chat with Nancy Nelson about many things. Mostly how, when faced with unexpected difficulties, to find the best manner to cope. When Nancy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her doctor asked her to remember three simple words – Blue … River … Apple. She couldn’t. They are now the title of a book…

Creative Courage Chat #059 with Mathew O’Brian

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Matthew O’Brien is an American author, journalist, and teacher best known for penning the nonfiction book Beneath the Neon https://www.amazon.com/Beneath-Neon-D… about homeless people living underground in the Las Vegas Valley. He lived in Las Vegas from 1997 to 2017. We discussed his creative process that required a bit of courage from the start of that…

Creative Courage Chat #058 with Tami Belt

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My chat with Tami delves into storytelling a bit. She, as a marketing person realizes the importance of sharing stories. As a kid, Tami wanted to be a Rock Star when she grew up but couldn’t sing on key so she sings the praises of others. In 2002, she launched Blue Cube Marketing Solutions, a…

Creative Courage Chat #057 with Bernie Fratto

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Bernie Fratto and I had a great chat about motivation in the creative process. He has been speaking to audiences for over 20 years. His presentations are humorous, informational, thought-provoking, and very motivational! His passion and sincerity enable him to connect with groups of virtually any background. He’s been the keynote speaker for corporate functions,…

Creative Courage Chat #056 Jacob Billings

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Had a nice chat with Jacob Billings. Over his career, He has had the opportunity to work on projects for some of the most recognized brands on the planet. Brands like Marriott Hotels, Microsoft, Ashland Chemical, Capital One Credit Cards, Cadbury Schweppes, GE, and more. This has given him an in-depth understanding of his client’s…

Creative Courage Chat #055 with Erica Linz

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This Creative Courage Chat is with amazing Erica Linz. She is the star of “Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away”, acrobatic choreographer, globetrotting trouble maker. Special ops force against childhood cancer. Erica is also known for her work on Homefront, and Cirque du Soleil: KÀ. We chat about her career and performance art. The importance of…