Creative Courage aims to inspire creativity in anyone who believes they are not creative and provide the inspiration to become more innovative and share what they’ve learned.

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Creative Courage is my journey to demystify the idea of the individual and group creative process and discuss creativity as a necessary problem-solving skill. I believe that people need to realize that the creative process is not mutually exclusive and is readily available to anyone willing to use it. Here I’m posting video interviews with various people who use their creativity in their work and life. My hope is that these chats might spark something new in the listener. And maybe even give them permission to realize and harness their creative capacity. As we get older, we tend to become discouraged from reaching our full potential because we are afraid to fail or be seen as talentless. Creative Courage fights these demotivating factors and encourages people to harness the creativity they once had as children and use them in their business and personal lives. You can hear these videos in audio format on my podcast as well. Just go to Spotify, Apple podcast, or any podcast platform and search “Creative Courage Chat” to listen.