Creative Courage Chat #060 with Nancy Nelson

Had a great chat with Nancy Nelson about many things. Mostly how, when faced with unexpected difficulties, to find the best manner to cope. When Nancy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her doctor asked her to remember three simple words – Blue … River … Apple. She couldn’t. They are now the title of a book of poems she’s written to help people understand the anger, frustration, and hope since her diagnosis. I’m sure you will agree that she is a special lady. Through sharing, stepping up, and speaking out that Nelson finds her solace and her calling to emancipate the stigma attached to the people relegated to a diminishing memory. The cause, she says, bolsters the “roguish, stubborn ruggedness in me for a worthwhile fight” and to maintain dignity, honor, and respect through all of it. Learn more about Nancy at https://brucemerrinscelebrityspeakers… Find her book here:…

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