The Last Woman I Will Ever Love

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I hold her hand to keep her from falling away from me. To a place where language is meaningless, and love is only a noun. I embrace her as tightly as I can with my four fingers in her palm. She is startled and confused by me every morning. “It’s me, Thomas, my love. I’ll…

The ember.

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And from my nest in the woods I carried my ember into the wind. “Lay down your fire and rest with me.” She said. I replied by running harder into the dry brittle grass. I narrowed my sight on the farthest end of the field And struggled to keep my flame alive.

Bradford L. Salamon painting my portrait

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I had the privilege of being the subject of one of Bradford J. Salamon’s paintings. This was a high point in my creative journey for a couple of reasons. One is the honor of having a portrait done by such a fantastic artist whose work I have loved and respected for longer than I realized…

A little chat with myself at the age of 17

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I was asked a question on social media after changing my profile picture to me at 17 years old. My friend Raymond asked, “What advice would the current you give the young cat in the current profile picture ???” So I figured I’d answer in this blog. You’re not as deep as you think. Although you…

Humanity Is Amazing

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Humanity is amazing. It has invented the most beautiful ideas In the most terrible situations. It’s coped with, and overcome grave dangers and suffered through the worst of situations and still has been able to find that point of light in the darkness. It has lifted people up to build and pushed those down who…

For the Love of Art

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Some thoughts bouncing around my head about art at 11 pm on a Tuesday evening. All art is an exchange between the artists’ vision and capability, between the artists’ loves and anxieties, between their work and the consumer of their work. There is an intimacy in these exchanges which, when welcomed, creates an awareness of…

My Thoughts on Leadership

When I think about leadership, I remember a personal family anecdote that I only heard once as a boy, that never left me. Since then that story has made a strong impact on the way I see my life and how I perceive the manner in which to approach it. When my grandfather passed away,…

An offense that comes from misinterpretation is vulnerable

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Although I created this cartoon with good intentions, I was wrong in how I illustrated my point. Editorial cartooning is meant to criticize a particular person or viewpoint. I unintentionally targeted the very people I was naively thinking I was defending. In 1997 I was creating editorial cartoons for the University of Nevada Las Vegas…

Utopia is a voyage. Not a destination

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There is an advantage to living in the information age. We have access to the best of everything at our finger tips. But you also run the risk of getting the worst of everything as well. We look to the Internet now for inspiration. If a graphic designer needs a beautiful image of a sky,…