The answer may be found within the question

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Problem-solving and creativity are the same. When we are solving problems, we evaluate our circumstance, identify opportunities, visualize scenarios and judge the results before we act. When you are attempting a creative endeavor, you go through the same process. The intent is the same. You are building something with intellectual resources. We know that the…

Alex Raffi Fostering New Ideas With Creative Courage

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Creativity is often looked at as something that only tortured artists and authors can access. However, if Alex Raffi, partner and Creative Director for Imagine Communications has a say, creativity can be utilized and obtained in any profession regardless of stereotype. Alex Raffi established his Creative Courage program a few years ago to help individuals,…

Creative Courage with Alex Raffi

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“Creativity doesn’t just come, it is a process… There is no blank slate, you have a lifetime of experience… Start somewhere, literally anywhere”. Today we’re brushing up on some Creative Courage with Alex Raffi of Imagine Communications. Thanks, Alex, for the insight and perspective today!

PR, marketing firms use new technologies to deliver messages

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When it comes to building its client base, Anthem-based public relations and marketing firm Imagine Communications seeks to represent those who inspire, Partner and Creative Director Alex Raffi said. “That’s more important to us than anything,” he said. “I want my staff to be proud to be associated with a client.” When Raffi and Managing…

Alex Raffi – Writer, Artist, Cartoonist, Creative Genius

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Alex Raffi, writer, artist, cartoonist and creative genius is the author and illustrator of The Sheep Counting Dream. We recently caught up with him to learn more about this richly-illustrated and heart warming book. Alex was kind enough to spend some time talking about his journey. What inspired you to write The Sheep Counting Dream?…

Creativity in the Workplace

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Creativity is a powerful business tool. That was the premise of a workshop entitled “Creative Courage” that I attended last week. The workshop, given by Alex Raffi, creative director of Imagine Marketing, reminded the attendees how important creativity is within the workplace. “We don’t grow into our creativity, we grow out of it,” Raffi contends.…