Secret wisdom.

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Secret wisdom hidden in the music of waves easily decoded behind the eyes of a child. She wears the magic like a skin clinging to her existence without ego or ambition. Divination emitted between grains of sand stuck to her feet, lifting her as she dances. Only love of mom, dad, and the day. Swallowing…

Bored. Everyone’s bored.

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Bored Everyone’s bored. Believing the lies of those we despise. Delinquent in our shuffling horde. Blind Everyone’s blind. Ravaged and mourning, ignoring the warnings. Resting In what we can’t find. Sick Everyone’s sick. The original illness is growing in stillness. Numb and cut to the quick. Dream Everyone dreams. Believing it’s real in hopes they…

All together.

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I know you are hurting right now. So am I. Some days are easy; some days are hard. On days like this I remember my grandpa. He’d say, “On hard days, think about the people you love most. The friends and family around us, and those who have left us altogether.” I always heard the…

Believe the lie.

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It’s essential to believe in things that aren’t true at times. Not the lies founded in paranoia or hatred; that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m speaking of a belief in the unbelievable because that is where the magic lives. The kind of magic that reveals the virtue in humanity. I’m talking about believing we…

The unrisking.

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Damn the circus! …damn the fools, the dull, the motionless, the unrisking and selfish. Damn everything that enters the soiled tent and grinds that bitter organ. This round world needs you to drag your heart into the tension of its entire existence. Damn the circus.