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Creative Courage Chat with Photographer Aaron Mayes

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Aaron Mayes is the curator for visual materials for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), University Libraries, Special Collections, and Archives. He is also a photographer whose work can be seen here and is collected in the permanent archive. Learn more about UNLV Digital Collections here: Learn more about Aaron and see his…

Creative Courage Chat with Max Presneill

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Max Presneill is a Los Angeles based UK artist and curator. He has exhibited throughout the world including New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Istanbul, Sydney, Brisbane, Guangzhou and Tokyo and is represented by the Garboushian Gallery, Beverly Hills, Gallery Lara in Tokyo, TW Fine Art in Brisbane, Australia, ICFA in Beijing, China…

A little chat with myself at the age of 17

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I was asked a question on social media after changing my profile picture to me at 17 years old. My friend Raymond asked, “What advice would the current you give the young cat in the current profile picture ???” So I figured I’d answer in this blog. You’re not as deep as you think. Although you…

Humanity Is Amazing

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Humanity is amazing. It has invented the most beautiful ideas In the most terrible situations. It’s coped with, and overcome grave dangers and suffered through the worst of situations and still has been able to find that point of light in the darkness. It has lifted people up to build and pushed those down who…