The Speaker

Alex is a husband, father, business owner, artist, painter, author and book illustrator. He have also worked as an editorial cartoonist, animator, and caricature artist. Alex Raffi has been Partner and Creative Director at Imagine Communications since January of 2000. Throughout his life he has devoloped his own philosophy of what it means to be creative and how to maximise your creative capacity. He has made it his lifes goal to demystify the creative process with as many people as possible through his highly acclaimed Creative Courage program. As a result, he is a sought-after guest speaker who has conducted his workshops and seminars for a variety of businesses, organizations and schools throughout Southern Nevada, including, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, the Charter School Association of Nevada, SMPS Las Vegas, The American Institute of Architects Las Vegas, the American Marketing Association of Nevada, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada State College, Clark County School District, Orange Coast College, the LABMAN2014 event and many more schools and businesses throughout Nevada. This work leads to him writing his book “Creative Courage with Alex Raffi: Harnessing Your Creative Capacity.” published in April 2016.

He authored Creative Courage with Alex Raffi a book about his journey through the creative process. He also wrote and illustrated “The Sheep Counting Dream” a children’s book written in rhyme about a little girl who couldn’t fall asleep the night before her birthday. He is currently working on his next book “The lonely, majestical multitude” scheduled to become available by 2021.

Alex is an award-winning graphic designer and editorial cartoonist and has collaborated on and illustrated “American Gestures” and “Conventional Gestures: Meaning and Methodology” and also illustrated Richard L. Epstein’s “Critical Thinking” book series as well as “The Riddles of Human Society” by Conrad L. Kanagy and Donald B Kraybill