Creative Courage Chat #057 with Bernie Fratto

Bernie Fratto and I had a great chat about motivation in the creative process. He has been speaking to audiences for over 20 years. His presentations are humorous, informational, thought-provoking, and very motivational! His passion and sincerity enable him to connect with groups of virtually any background. He’s been the keynote speaker for corporate functions, chamber of commerce meetings, award ceremonies, athletic banquets, and was also featured at the University of Michigan’s Ross Ivey Business School conference in January 2006. Recently he was the Keynote Emcee at the GoldCoast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl XLVIII VIP Reception and GameDay Extravaganza. On June 10, 2015, Bernie was the leadoff speaker at the prestigious X’s & O’x of Success Leadership Showcase at the Inspire Theatre in Downtown Las Vegas. He’s a gifted writer and his work has appeared in such places as Real Detroit Weekly, ESPN Radio, Town Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Detroit Tigers Publications just to name a few. Additionally, his weekly sports column, “Inside the Frattohouse” was immensely popular on the website for over a decade.

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