The Program


Creative Courage aims to inspire creativity in anyone who believes they are not creative and provide the inspiration to become more innovative and share what they’ve learned.


The mission of the Creative Courage workshop is to elevate the importance of creativity in every aspect of life including education, business, politics and culture, and in doing so, elevate the overall quality of life.

Creative Courage is an exploration to demystify the idea of the individual and group creative process and discuss creativity as a necessary problem-solving skill.

Creator Alex Raffi believes if people realize that the creative process is not exclusive and is readily available to anyone willing to use it, the wall keeping them from tapping their creativity will eventually crumble. As people get older, they generally tend to discourage themselves from reaching their full potential because they are afraid to fail. A need to place value on results and to compare accomplishments to those of others arises. Creative Courage fights these demotivating factors and encourages people to harness the creativity they once had as children and use it in their business and personal lives.

Creative Courage has been conducted throughout Southern Nevada at:
  • The Henderson Chamber of Commerce
  • The Charter School Association of Nevada
  • SMPS Las Vegas
  • The American Institue of Architects Las Vegas
  • The American marketing Association of Nevada
  • The University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Nevada State College
  • Clark County School District
  • Orange Coast College
  • The LABMAN2014 event
  • Various other schools and businesses throughout Nevada.