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The YES, Inc. classroom at Foothill High School would like to thank Alex Raffi, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to our students. With the help of Alex’s presentation on creativity, our students are better prepared for their futures. They understand that they all possess talents and are capable of using their creative side to enrich their lives. Through the presentation, students were enlightened by the knowledge and information, which helped make the connection between high school and to college and careers. The presentation helped students look at their significant skills and encouraged them to continue to develop in areas of teamwork, communication, and organization. Alex helped students understand that the transition from high school to career is easier than they think when they learn to use creativity to their advantage. We are thankful for his generous contribution to the classroom and for helping students find their creative edge in becoming productive future members of the community.

Cindy McLeod
Business Teacher at Foothill High School

The Creative Courage workshop was not only informative, but also beneficial to me and the Zappos Content team. Alex did a fantastic job of helping us understand that some of our “creative limitations” are a result of our perspectives. We had been looking at creativity from a linear/singular view, but creativity is multidimensional. We have already implemented some of the practical examples he provided us, like storyboarding, in order to harness our creativity and take it to the next level. The biggest takeaway was that creativity is like a muscle, and like all our other muscles, we have to exercise it, or it will atrophy.

Angela Chege
Content Department Manager Zappos

The ‘Idea Arc’ graph was brilliant. Few charts effectively display complex ideas in a clear, effective and simple way, and this one is a text-book classic of such a graph done right.

Marek Biernacinski
Edited by a Pro, president and CEO

I don’t remember enjoying any ‘business’ event more than the discussions we had this morning. It was a great group, and you led the discussion in a way that tapped into a lot of pent up creativity. You sure got me thinking about things in a different way.

David G. DeMott
Business Risk Counselor, Fitzgibbons & Associates

I keep thinking of those stories you told about your art, and they are so compelling, I don’t think I’ll ever forget those concepts. I really enjoy spending time somewhere that changes me in some permanent way

Cheryl Snow
CLASS Personal Development

I would like to use some of the information to help teens keep their creativity and use it in their futures.

Norma DeLibertis
Manager Station Casinos

I like fun and strive to create a culture for my employees that makes them want to come to work. At times it can be difficult because I can get loaded down with all the day-to-day just like every other owner, and I simply forget. Seminars like yours reminds me of the culture I want for my employees and myself. Planning the “fun” was a great tip. I never thought of that.

Mary Marriott
Just Ask Mary, president and CEO