Why I think creativity is important

Here is a big reason why I talk about creative courage endlessly. When your actions are governed by fear everything stops. We shift the focus of our creative process on creating perceived obstacles that only inspire resentment that begins to take the center stage in our lives and eliminates our motivation to see past the fear. We halt the most important intention for our creative capacity which is to identify opportunity, design and build solutions and to learn and solve problems. Fear makes us think that problems are insurmountable. We tend to pass the responsibilities of solving problems to others. We build institutions to work on those problems and turn our backs on the responsibility. We need to become the solution we seek by working together in a positive way, trusting each other, holding each other accountable for our actions and inactions. Be inspired by each other rather than idol worship and sit back waiting to be told what to do. Give back to the world that is within your reach every day fearlessly without keeping score. It all adds up and encourages others to do the same. We all know someone who made us say to ourselves “Wow, isn’t he or she great.” We are inspired and think the feeling is enough. We file away inspiration thinking we don’t know what to do with it. We can use that inspiration as a key that can open a door deep inside that has always been there. We can all become the person who made us say “Wow.” with creativity, courage and commitment. Be governed by your best intentions and nature. The good people of the world need us to stop being so humble and start making ourselves known to each other through our actions and intentions. We are legion, and must act like it. If we become the example we need for future generations it may encourage those who live in fear to realize how short life is and decide to join the weary soldiers who are tirelessly working to build a better life for all of us. Look around, everything good that has ever been done has come from that kind of courage creativity.

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