Time is running out.

I read somewhere that pirates in the old days use to display hourglasses on their flags to represent the idea that time is running out. The idea is that you should do your best to get the most out of it.
I often think about how little time we feel we have to do all the things that we think we need to do in our lives. We spend all our time working to reach those things we long for, but we all know that life, at its core, is only a collection of “now” moments. Some moments are memorable or forgettable, happy or sad. And other times are, as Debi and I like to say sunset moments. The future we are all so curious and focused on are only “now” moments that haven’t happened yet. I think about the people in my “now” moments often. And I must say, I’m delighted with the people in my rogue’s gallery.
I’m lucky to know a lot of creative people who build things. I say creative, as in my definition of creative. These are people who are problem solvers — people who have spent their lives building solutions in many different ways — always trying to make things a little better with their work. They are artists, architects, doctors, marketers, teachers and business professionals. Some of them, oddly enough, wouldn’t categorize themselves as “creative” people in some cases. I know for a fact that many aren’t told often enough that they’re doing a good job. Maybe they are under the impression that they haven’t reached that perceived goal yet? Most everything is just a matter of perspective, I think. I often say that we spend too much time pondering the right answers to the wrong questions. So this morning, I was reflecting on a lot of these people because I respect their efforts and the time they spend building things. I reflect on the work I have seen that they have done over the years and allowed myself to feel proud of them.
So being as I’ve established earlier that time is short, I’m taking a “now” moment to tell you, Good Job!, my friend. I’m proud of your efforts. Thanks for making the world a little bit better for our kids. It is much appreciated, and I am very encouraged and inspired by your work. And if you read this and are wondering if I’m talking about you,… I probably am. Have a great Tuesday.

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