Humanity Is Amazing

Humanity is amazing. It has invented the most beautiful ideas In the most terrible situations. It’s coped with, and overcome grave dangers and suffered through the worst of situations and still has been able to find that point of light in the darkness. It has lifted people up to build and pushed those down who take. For the last 200,000 years, humanity has wandered the universe and coped with everything it has been challenged with and has survived. Not because of ignorance, selfishness, or hatred for each other. It survives because of its ingenuity and commitment to thrive. It realizes that systems are required to help the collective. And still, somehow, within this universe full of wonder and undiscovered treasures and possibilities, humanity consistently finds time to be bored, sedentary, cruel, and selfish. But it’s important to remember that the world we love was left to us by people who felt and wanted the same for their children. Their influence offers us hope and inspiration to build better days for ours. Humanity is amazing.

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