Creative Courage Chat with Jeannie Denholm

This chat has good information for art students and professionals looking to show their work in galleries and for people who may have never set foot in a gallery. Jeannie Denholm has been active in the art business for over 30 years and has an extensive background assisting corporations and private collectors with art acquisitions and curatorial services. Jeannie Denholm worked with The Broad Art Foundation (Santa Monica, CA) for over 9 years. It was through her work with The Broad Art Foundation that she became the corporate art curator for AIG-SunAmerica, Inc., and KBHome. She takes pride in developing long term relationships with her clients and continues to work with many in an ongoing collection management capacity. She earned a BA in Art History at Colorado State University and a MA in Museum Studies and Exhibition Design from California State University, Fullerton, CA. You can learn more about her and her gallery at or follow her on Instagram by searching “Scapegallery”

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