Creative Courage Chat with Harry Fagel, retired Las Vegas Metro Captain and Poet

Harry Fagel is a Vegas native who writes and performs regularly in the Las Vegas Poetry Scene. In his 20 plus years of performance art, he has written two books, “Street Talk” and “Undercover” both published by Zeitgeist Press, published one chapbook “Skin and Bones”, and has released one live CD “Wordmurder” on Wood Shampoo Records. Harry received a Hilliard Endowment Grant from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has been honored to produce poetry for many charities and noble causes. Harry is happy to do commissioned work for cash, or for free if the cause is right, and is available for public speaking engagements. Harry lives in Henderson with his beautiful wife and two amazing children, and he believes he can fly. Learn more about Harry at And his YouTube channel is

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