Believe the lie.

It’s essential to believe in things that aren’t true at times.
Not the lies founded in paranoia or hatred; that’s not what I’m talking about.
I’m speaking of a belief in the unbelievable because that is where the magic lives. The kind of magic that reveals the virtue in humanity.
I’m talking about believing we are all capable of changing the world with an idea, and trying.
Or believing that everyone is inherently noble and true and offering them the full benefit of the doubt.
Or thinking that if we all work hard enough at something, we will all prevail.
Victory manifests itself in unlikely ways at times.
Have an open mind and pay attention.
You will be able to identify the magic eventually.
At the top of the list of untruths, you may find the belief that true love will find all of us in the end. Because there is no darker hole than the one dug by the hopeless.
So believe in things that offer hope. And keep moving forward with defiance, intelligence, and purpose.

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