Creative Courage


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In the prologue of Henry V, Shakespeare poetically asks his audience a favor. He asks them to suspend their belief for a moment. He is about to tell an epic story set in fifteenth-century England of a young king who lays claim to certain parts of France based on his distant lineage. This leads to…

Problem Solving

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I chatter on and on about creativity for a reason. There is nothing more important. Nothing. Why? Creativity is our ability to process information in a way that results in an idea. An idea designed to influence or inspire in the way the creator intended if done well. We feel something and want to express…

I had a feature on the Creating Genius Magazinewebsite Alex Raffi Fostering New Ideas With Creative Courage

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Creativity is often looked at as something that only tortured artists and authors can access. However, if Alex Raffi, partner and Creative Director for Imagine Communications has a say, creativity can be utilized and obtained in any profession regardless of stereotype. Alex Raffi established his Creative Courage program a few years ago to help individuals,…