A creative way to start your marketing plan.

Fire Ball Video – HD 720p

A creative way to begin building your marketing plan is to remember your history. A lot of energy and passion is required to start something as big as a business or organization.

Imagine that energy as a ball of fire

That fire was the source of your success and growth. It attracted great ideas, loyal clients and talented employees, and with that fire, you accomplished amazing things.

But keeping the flame bright and hot is difficult amid the daily grind. What once illuminated your path becomes a dim glow of what it once was.

My job, as a marketing professional and creative director, has been to evoke the memory of that flame at its strongest and to use that memory to feed the fire.

From that reignited flame we can now light torches that fuel branding campaigns, marketing strategies, and press releases. That flame powers every story you tell and each client you serve.

The job of a creative marketing firm is to relight your fire. And to carry your torch and to spread your story as far a possible.

So take a moment to think back to the early days. They very likely hold the key to your success today.