Creative Virtues

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Creativity is not learned. If anything, it’s remembered from childhood and kept alive by a need for innovation and problem solving throughout our lives. It has always been a driving force in us since birth. It has allowed us to grow and learn and develop all the necessary tools to become the individuals we are…

Come on in, the water is fine

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As a kid, I remember being at the YMCA and standing on the diving board over – what I was sure was – freezing water. I stared down at my reflection nervous not about the jump, but the cold water. The shock of having my entire body suddenly engulfed by the sudden cold was enough…

The Wild Garden of our Childhood

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Take a moment before reading on and draw a picture of a person you love as best you can in 60 seconds. Then continue reading this blog. “Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood.” – Pablo Neruda We get comfortable in our mediocrity when we grow old. We lose that wide-eyed wonder that…